Tiramisu is pretty much the best tasting trifle of them all. Coffee, cream and booze and you have one of the most simplest, yet delicious Italian desserts. A Tiramisu is traditionally a simple layering of a cream and mascarpone concoction, soaked coffee and Marsala lady fingers, and grated chocolate or sifted cocoa powder. I prefer my sponge with a little more texture, so soak for a little time as possible.

Tiramisu by The Creative Larder, food styling and recipe


568ml pot double cream

250g tub mascarpone

75ml marsala or Ameretto 

5 tbsp golden caster sugar

300ml strong coffee, made with 2 tbsp coffee granules and 300ml boiling water

175g pack sponge finger

25g chunk dark chocolate

2 tsp cocoa powder

The Creative Larder, Tiramisu


In a mixing bowl, pour the cream. mascarpone, Marsala and sugar, and whisk together until all of the ingredients have combined and have the consistency of whipped cream. 

Get four-6 serving bowls or glasses at the ready. 

Take a shallow dish, I always find a pie dish is perfect for this, and place in the coffee. One sponge finger at a time, dip and soak for a few seconds and place into the glasses. Top the first layer with the whipped ingredients and a sprinkling of cocoa powder and some grated dark chocolate. Repeat until each of the glasses are full and all of the ingredients have been used up.

To finish, grate one final layer of chocolate and dust with cocoa powder to serve.

Tiramisu, Italian Dessert - Food Stylist The Creative Larder
Tiramisu, Italian Dessert, Food Stylist Charlotte Hay, The Creative Larder

Recipe and Food Styling Created for TUI Great British Bake Off Feature, August 2016