Sardinia was a holiday I first enjoyed young, a holiday I totally unappreciated the islands true beauty and only took advantage of the hot summer days and a memory of an indulgent orange flavoured chocolate dessert at a restaurant I can't even remember the location of, let alone the name. Head back a few matured years later and Sardinia is an island that's love at first sight (at least first sight in my twenties).


With coastal trails to explore and mountains to climb, the island is deceptive. It may look small on paper, but unravel all it has to offer and it's huge, it's a monster of true beauty that's made for the perfect balance of exploring and relaxing. From dreamy wave lavished beaches and the bluest of blue seas, the island has it's own celebrity hangouts with yachts anchored in the shore, a destination fit enough for Princess Diana's and Dodi's love affair.

Sardinia is an untouched version of mainland Italy with wildlife oddities such as the blue-eyed donkeys and wild horses that shyly roam the flatlands, the island is full of history and heritage ready to be explored. The island is scattered with 7000 nuraghi, Bronze Age towers and settlements, tombe dei giganti ('giant's grave' tombs) and domus de janas ('fairy house' tombs). Down every country lane and in every 10-man, 100-sheep hamlet, these remnants of prehistory are waiting to be pieced together like the most puzzling of jigsaw puzzles. 

Where to stay

Villa Majus is one of many villas with the beautiful panoramic sea and mountain views nestled in its own beautiful piece of Italian coastline. Just a few kilometres from Porta Cervo, one of the Meds most exclusive destinations ,Villa Majus is great for family’s, couples or group getaways with five bedrooms and the most sapphire blue swimming pool to offer your every villa-summer holiday needs.

Sardinia Portocervo

Where to eat

For an inexpensive lunch head to Mama Latina for a sandwich from £2.50 or push the boat out at Hotel del Porto and enjoy a two course fish emu from £10

In the evening treat yourself to a waterfront mediterranean cuisine at Entro Fuori Bordo and enjoy a main course from £13

Featured in The Journal, August 2016