A marble and gold bar cart-worthy bottle of gin has just launched itself in a handful of farm-shops, bars and restaurants. Pin Gin is Lincolnshire's very first and only handcrafted distilled gin in the whole of the county. For those that don't know, Lincolnshire is pretty much the county the world forgot and headed straight to Yorkshire for all of the fabulous things it's tourism board and historical city has to offer. For those passing through, Lincolnshire is mostly fields with pops of towns and small villages dotted around the North, East, South and West of the County. 

Unbeknown to most, Lincolnshire is Englands biggest back garden and grower of super greens, bespoke and your bog standard line of veg, producer of Lincolnshire Poacher Cheese and on the border where Belvoir produce some of the worlds best know Elderflower Cordial. It also spreads its boundaries North-East of the county to the edge of the North Sea, where fishing town Grimsby was once one of the countries biggest importers of fish, however now sustains it's clouded culture and growing economy with the innovation of off-shore wind power thanks to the likes of Dong Energy & Siemens. 

Lincolnshire Distilled Pin Gin

Bottomely Distillers, based in Louth have spent the past 12 months working on a unique and super-drinkable gin which boasts a blend of 10 botanicals, which are brewed in Alan and Amy's garage. Working alongside my partner in crime-Steven Bennett, aka The Lincolnshire Chef to create the final flavourings, Pin Gin's 10 botanicals include the likes of Lavender, Rose and Cucumber, all grown and produced here in Lincolnshire. 

Whilst Alan and Amy have two seasonal serve suggestions for Pin Gin, one being strawberries & lime for the warmer months, and the other being cinnamon & orange for winter, I can't get enough of this bottle served with a slice of grapefruit, fresh or dehydrated, and a splash of Fever-Tree's slimline tonic. 

Lincolnshire Pin Gin
Lincolnshire Pin Gin, Pin and Tonic
Lincolnshire Pin Gin, Photographed by Charlotte Hay, Stylist The Creative Larder

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