Wear your thickest clothes on the plane

Aeroplane’s are notoriously cool, so don’t be afraid to layer up and save on that all-essential space and weight limited in your case. Although it’s a bit of a nightmare going through the scanners at the airport and having to remove most items, if you’re an over packer and have plenty of time to kill in the airport, it’s worth the extra space you’ll save!

Four Tips for Packing Light for a Cold, Winter Holiday Avoriaz Families


The main rule of thumb is to only take what you need. The amount of times I’ve wasted great products because I was too lazy to bring the home isn’t something worth thinking about. Buy travel sized good and bulk up on a great all-round moisturiser.


Stick to the basics and layer up

If you’re one for bold colours and prints, this bit of advice probably isn’t for you. Pack a range of classic garments in neutral colours, black, grey, white and navy, to make layering up fun before you head out onto the slopes. I like to add a pop of colour in accessories, be it a fun hat, glasses, fur scarf, bag or shoes! Don’t forget your favourite cashmere jumper for the evening. 


You’ll need no more than 3 pairs, if you’re the practical traveller when it comes to winter and skii holiday’s. A casual pair of boots will see you through the day times, a dressier pair for the evening and a pair of pumps or flats if you’re staying in the hotel for dinner. Walking around in the snow at night, is cold, so thick socks or couple of pairs of thinner ones are essential.

Ski Resort - What to Pack for a winter Holiday

Featured The Journal, November 2017