Become your own travel agent

Get to know your and as going to the travel agent to book your holiday is so ‘2016’. With the advancement of technology and the likes of google launching its Google Trips app, booking your own holiday from the comfort of your own home is the best way to plan your trip. Shop around, but always have in mind what you’re looking for and how much you’re looking to spend, as the options online are literally endless.

Four Travel Trends for 2017 Cuba

Disconnect from work

With our smartphones becoming our pocket buddies, holiday’s are for relaxing. Switch off those nagging emails and zone into airplane mode throughout as much of your trip as you can handle. Responding to emails from the beach doesn’t impress anyone, and neither does 24/7 facebook updates. Use your phone for snapping those all important moments and memories, but enjoy the 1,000 of miles that are between you and your office desk.


Eat Like a Local

In the pursuit of culture and authenticity, those 5* all-inclusive aren’t the be all and end all. Seek out your destinations, local eateries and excurtions for a true cultural experience. 

Four Travel Trends for 2017 Street Food Bangkok

The Fast-changing Destinations

Reeling from the death of Fidel Castro and the lifting of American Trade embargoes, vibrant, and cultural Cuba is fast changing in the sense of rapid globalisation. Just like many other untouched countries, Cuba’s quaintness and pull for the ascerning traveller is down to its lack of Starbucks and Subways. Get there fast, to enjoy it’s time warped holiday destination appeal.

Other destinations to visit this year; Great Barrier Reef, Venice, The Arctic, South Africa, Costa Rica, Peru and Glapagos Islands

Four Travel Trends for 2017 Antarctica Canyon

Featured in The Journal, October 2016