May has to be one of the best months to visit Peru, the rain season has ended but the land is still green and lush, with main holiday-goers not arriving until June and July. Tackling the Inca Trail is the best way to see the Lost City of the Incas, but make sure you plan ahead and book your trail as permits are needed a month in advance! Tours and Hikes cover 26 miles over 4 days. Leave your tent and sleeping bag for an hour or two's hike up Machu Picchu in the darkness for an unforgettable misty sunrise.

The pampered approach

There's a new network of mountain lodges for exotic dinners, luxurious night's sleep and hot tubs with a view. Built of stone, wood, mud-brick and thatch, the lodges boast curves and natural shapes of the mountainscape, the lodges have been designed and located to blend into their glorious mountain backdrop, and are barely visible until you're almost upon them.


I'm totally and simplicity in love with Italy, and Adler Therme is anyone's sanctuary. Set in the Tuscan hillsides and a short drive from the Brunello  Wine region, May is the perfect time to visit this tranquil spot. The weather's warm enough to spend your day relaxing under the gentle sun, or hop on a bike or tie up your walking shoes for a hike through the lush green landscapes. 

A spa hotel, relax your way through a a mid-may break with thermal pools, endless spa treatments, delicious food and fine wines. 


If you're the thrill seeker type, Vancouver Island in Canada is full of dark green forests & icey lakes. Whilst outdoor adventures are the main attraction for this rugged wilderness, the landscape isn't short of cocooned luxury hotels and camping sites. Explore on horse, foot or boat, and enjoy halibut and salmon fishing, trails in the fir-lined woods, and whale watching in the inlets of the Pacific Rim National Park.

Featured in The Journal, April 2017