Whilst this isn't the entire contents of my beauty bag come travelling, these are my 5 go to beauty products which come with me everywhere and anywhere I travel, helping to cure a multitude of sins. 

If travelling with hand luggage, save up miniatures and samples from previous beauty buys to fly through security without the emotional struggle of having to say goodbye to your favourite cleanser as it's over the hand luggage allowance. To keep your weight allowance down, and more personally out of laziness, purchase necessities such as shampoo, conditioner and body spray from the airport drugstore.

The Creative Larder, May Beauty Favourites

When it comes to travelling, beach or city break, I like to keep things simple when it comes to my skincare and makeup regime. It's very rare that in my day-day Monday-Sunday work life that I can get away with out wearing make up and speedy DIY facials are a daily occurrence, so holiday's for me are about extra pampering and self care.

Sebamed Lip Defence

At a bargain price of £2.99 a pop, this lip balm has SPF 30 and boasts anti ageing and lip defending ingredients and properties. It's super nourishing and is perfect for daily use. I use this before putting my makeup on when I'm at home, and then use it on bare skin and even eyelids when travelling! 

Diet Leave in conditioner Spray

Dietox Repair Rescue Conditioner spray was kindly introduced to me through a friend who looks after the brand. Whilst the packing isn't anything to be blown away by, it's a great product and is perfect for travelling somewhere hot. It gives dry hair a little added nourishment and helps to protect those frizzy ends from the sun. The bottle is 100ml and just passes the hand luggage allowance, along with their whole cosmetics range!

Dietox is a health brand which targets those wanting to reset the health clock by adding some goodness back into your lifestyle. As well as offering an extensive range of fresh organic juices, they have a small range of beauty products, consisting of 6 different products, free from parabens and additives.

We're all guilty of filling our old Diptique candle jars with make-up brushes we never actually use, so when it comes to travelling, there's only one or two brushes I turn to for my makeup needs. I personally tend to use my fingers to apply most of my make up, as clean well-cleansed hands and the natural heat and oil we produce is the perfect tool for blending in most products. 

However, when it comes to applying eye make up, my slightly man-like fingers just aren't up to the job. Spectrum offer a great range of makeup brushes at an affordable price. I'd never used this brand until a Glossy Box (or Birch Box, I can't remember which!) delivery last year, and have since been in love with the brand. Not only do they make great brushes, they come in lots of fun designs and colours! This blender brush is one of the few brushes which come travelling with me. It's great for applying eye shadows and creams and is the perfect size for blending any products in to your eye crease. It's my one brush fits all when it comes to travelling makeup.

Spectrum Brush - Travel beauty essentials


Clarins Beauty Flash Balm

Whilst I'm always playing around with new primers, Clarins Beauty Flash Balm has been one product I've gone back to year after year. Whilst I'm game for no-makeup on the occasions foundation isn't called for, my skin has the tendency to be slightly oily, so I need a product which is going to keep my foundation in place through out the day, come rain, snow or shine. Claris Beauty Flash Balm does just that.

Poised as one of Clarins' "cult products" and designed to banish the signs of fatigue, it acts as the perfect primer, brightening and tightening your face. I'm not sure what it is exactly, but the smell holds something nostalgic for me and is one of those smells that lingers for a little while after applying, which I love! There might be cheaper brands on the market when it comes to primers, but a little goes a long way with this wonder-product and does it's job with or without you face paint layered on top. 

Babe Balm Travel Products

Babe Balm

I've spoken about this product before and they've just repackaged it into a squeezy tube, which makes the perfect travelling companion. It's a multi purpose balm and can be used on face, feet, hands and body!