I'm not sure why, but it's taken me until my 30's and spending the best part of 4 years with my partner who spends his life in the professional kitchen to discover the ease cooking soups at home. As much as I love to cook (when time allows) I've always been a soup from a carton kind of girl. 

I'd always though that an abundance of ingredients and a messy kitchen with gadgets galore were called for, but apparently not! Whilst we're lucky enough to have an industrial blender at home, which is mostly used for morning smoothies, you can apply this recipe to any high street blender, handheld or stationary. 

Peas might not yet be in season, but my freezer is full of them and I'm ready for to move on from heavy winter stews, so pea soup is what I called for. This recipe, just like many soup recipes is super simple, and even someone who doesn't enjoy or struggles to follow recipes can cook! 

Pea and Ham Soup, Food styling with Anthropologie.jpg


1ltr fresh chicken stock

1 handful fresh mint leaves

500g Lincolnshire peas, fresh or frozen

Salt and Pepper to season

1tbsp Lincolnshire rapeseed oil

200ml crème fraiche



Pea and Ham Soup Anthropologie Food Styling.jpg

Bring the chicken stock to a boil in a large pan.

Add the peas and mint leaves and simmer for 3 minutes, until the peas are tender.

Strain the peas and mint, saving the liquid to one side. Place the peas and mint into a blender and blitz for 1-2 minutes, until smooth and a purée consistency.

Gradually add the hot liquid to the pea and mint purée until you have a soup-like consistency. I like mine quite thick, but it’s personal preference.

Season with salt, cracked black pepper and a drizzle of oil.

Add 140ml of crème fraiche and blitz until combined. 

Pea and Ham Soup Recipe with Anthropologie.jpg

To serve, warm sourdough in a  150ºc oven for 10 minutes and laden with butter and sea salt.