For anyone that doesn’t follow Lydia Millen on Instagram, click on the app right now! Whilst her wardrobe is laced with beautiful designer pieces and her new new home account is one to swoon over, she has to be one of the nicest bloggers out there, and underneath her perfectly glowing skin, comes across super likeable and down to earth.

Last year Lydia teamed up with Cult Beauty to curate a box that epitomises her skincare regime, leaving her skin glowing on a daily basis. Only in the past couple of years, probably since hitting my 30’s have I jumped on the glowy bandwagon. Up until recently, and pretty much thanks to social media, glowy skin had always been about highlighters and gloss, but as you start to see your skin slowly age and retract, you start to understand the benefits of a good glow-enhancing product with a little science behind it’s ingredients, and the benefits it can have on your skin.

Millen’s Cult Beauty Box features her all time favourite By Terry Cellularose Brightening CC Serum, which is available in three shades, Tata Harpers illuminating moisturiser, Alpha H’s liquid gold, Omorovicza’s foaming cleanser, Indie Lee’s Lotion CoQ-10 and Sunday Riley’s Luna Sleeping Night Oil.

Whilst I’ve always been a fan of By Terry (my grown up, go-to beauty brand) and Omorovicza, I’d been wanting to experiment with Tata Harper, Sunday Riley and Indie Lee for a while. This box was a steal at £150 with £290’s worth of beauty products featured, so when it was relaunched a few months later, I’d fallen in love with all of the products so much, that I ordered another!

Lydia Millen X Cult Beauty Box

Tata Harper Illuminating Moisturiser £72

“Infused with actual diamond dust, Tata Harper’s exquisite, complexion-perfecting potion blurs the visibility of fine lines while imparting a youthful, ‘soft focus’ effect. Hyaluronic acid then maintains skin’s moisture levels to enhance its ‘bounce’ and promote dewy plumpness.”

Whilst my skin is pretty defiant and will take pretty much anything I throw on it (not literally) moisturisers are definitely a part of my beauty regime that I’m a little more fussy about. If they’re too heavy, I feel like I need to re-cleanse, if they’re too sticky, my makeup won’t sit on top, and if they’re too greasy, I end up feeling irritated and itchy. For me, a good moisturiser needs to be light, hydrating and sink straight into my skin, without having to wait for 15 minutes before I apply my make up. I’m categorically not a morning person and never will be, so any morning beauty regime has to be quick, fuss free and managed with a strong cup of freshly brewed coffee in hand.

This is my first experience of Tata Harper and I’ve really fallen in love with this brand. A pump of this illuminating moisturiser does exactly what it says on the tin. I apply a thin layer all over my face, but if you want highlight in specific area’s, pat it onto the tops of your cheek bones and t-zone.

I stick to using this in the morning as I generally use an alternative moisturiser in the evening and alternate each night, as I find switching up my beauty regime means the products get to work a little harder and your skin doesn’t get too used to them.

Let’s not hide the fact that this moisturiser isn’t the cheapest out there, but if you want glowing skin on a daily basis, it’s fully worth the investment. You don’t need a lot, as it does go a long way, and if you wanted to less it’s cost per-wear, don’t be afraid to add it to your daily moisturiser, as you’ll still get the benefits of this cooling, glowy product.

Lydia Millen X Cult Beauty Box

Omorovicza Cleansing Foam £52

I love a good cleanser. There is nothing better than taking your makeup off at the end of a busy day and treating your skin to a gentle deep cleanse, nor is there anything better than washing your face before the day begins. My days of leaving my makeup on as I fall into a heavy sleep are well over!

My first real experience of this brand was their thermal cleansing balm which I’ve dabbled with, on and off for 9 years. Whilst I still love the balm cleanser, as it’s a real treat when you have some time to treat your skin to a little evening ritual, the foaming cleanser is perfect for anyone rushing through your daily skin routine. This is super quick to use and fuss free.

It’s aerated formula transforms into a milk-like texture when you add water to it. According to the brand, this foaming cleanser is suited to all skin types and helps to combat dryness, soothe any sensitivity and clear congestion, all whilst firming up the skin and leaving it looking luminous thanks to its “Hydra Mineral Transference system”.

A year in and I’m already on my third tube!

Indie Lee Toner Lydia Millen X Cult Beauty

Indie Lee CoQ-10 Toner £32

Whilst Lydia’s box is all about glowing skin, this alcohol-free CoQ-10 toner is perfect for anyone who needs a boost of hydration. First time round I’d managed to enjoy 3-wears of this product, until Steve thought he was doing me a favour when packing up my beauty products from a hotel room shelf, not realising that the lid was open, so I tearfully had to say goodbye to this product, before we’d even got to know each other!

LydiaXCult Beauty second time round, meant I still have the last few drops waiting to be used sat in my bathroom cupboard.

Ingredients include aloe vera, chamomile and cucumber, which help to cool and calm your skin. It’s star ingredient CoQ-10 works to boost the skin’s natural repair and defence mechanisms for a smoother complexion.

Whilst I’m pretty sure you could use this product day and night, I save this for my speedy morning skin routine. After showering and thoroughly cleansing my skin, I apply a few drops via a cotton wool pad and press into my skin, before adding moisturiser and a glowing primer. Applying it as the first product on your skin, really lets it get to work and it just freshens up your skin for the day.

If I remember and have time, I’ve started to keep my rose quartz in the freezer and quickly give my puffy eyes and face a once over with the roller after I’ve applied the toner!

Lydia Millen X Cult Beauty Box

Alpha H Liquid Gold £33.50

Featuring glycolic acid, that hot word all of the beauty experts are telling us we need in our beauty regime. This overnight treatment helps to exfoliate and stimulate skin cells, to brighten and reveal new cells from beneath dull skin.

This product holds a lot of science behind it, and isn’t to be used without a little research. It lowers the skin’s pH level to stimulate cellular activity to repair and renew skin cells. It “bolsters synthesis of elastin and collagen, whilst penetrating deep within pores to eradicate spot-causing bacteria while the resurfacing action also helps to diminish visibility of acne scars, dark spots and brown patches.” This all helps to give your complexion and even-toned and luminous appearance.

For anyone who’s new to glycolic acid, introduce this slowly into your skincare routine by using once a week for the first 2-3 weeks. After that, build up to using 2-3 times a week, alternating nights when applying. To use add a few drops to a dampened cotton pad and apply to your skin. When I first started using this, I came out in a few spots, but reading up on it, it’s a normal reaction. To dumb down the intensity of this product, apply to your skin, and 3-5 minutes later top up with an intensely hydrating beauty oil, otherwise you’ll end up waking up with dried out skin.

After learning out to use this properly (avoid lips and eyes!) my skincare regime wouldn’t be without a glycolic acid. The beauty of this product is, it last a while as you don’t need too much of it!

By Terry Serum Lydia Millen X Cult Beauty

By Terry Cellularose Brightening CC Serum £61.00

This Brightening CC Serum comes in three shades, Rose Elixir, Immaculate Light and Sunny Flash. Fist time round, I went for the safe option of 'Immaculate Light’ which “lifts porcelain complexions by controlling blotchiness and enhancing radiance.” Unless I’m exploring somewhere a little closer to the equator, I’d generally steered away from tanning products or enhancers so thought this would be the perfect option for my routine.

Whilst the product can be used on it’s own, giving a subtle veil of radiance and helps to colour control your skin with its technology, generally when my complexion is on the paler side, it needs a little more coverage. I’m currently using Charlotte Tilbury’s Light Wonder which is gives a super light coverage, so using any additional products, such as By Terry’s Cellularose Brightening CC Serum means you get to enjoy the benefits of both. I then use a little concealer to add a little more coverage to under eyes and around the base of my nose.

Second time round, I made the pro-longed decision to opt for ‘Sunny Flash’ which is the one Lydia recommends and uses. This is perfect when my skin’s picked up a little bit of a tan or I’m on holiday. I’ll generally use this on it’s own and then to add an extra pop of highlight, using my finger tips I apply some of Charlotte Tilbury’s Hollywood Flawless Filter.

As a part of my daily skin routine, I generally apply Ren’s Ready Steady Glow Daily AHA tonic, moisturiser and then follow with By Terry’s Brightening CC Serum, before applying any makeup.

Sunday Reily Luna Night Serum Lydia Millen X Cult Beauty

Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil from £45

For anyone that hasn’t tried any of Sunday Riley’s products, you're seriously missing out! I absolutely adore this brand.

Luna Sleeping Night Oil is a product that I general rotate, which is the case for all of my evening skincare products. I try to keep my morning routine light, and evening a little more intensive, as it gives your skin time to let the products get to work, without any invasion, redness or reaction when you’re having to show your face to the world.

This advance retinol complex also features blue tansy, which gives the product its colour. It’s powerful soothing, anti inflammatory extract which helps to reduce redness and calm skin. Anti Ageing, this product is perfect to introduce into your beauty regime from your 20’s up. As I was always told as a teenager, look after your skin young as you’ll appreciate it in the years to come!

This night-time oil hydrates skin and lets you wake up with luminous looking skin. Whilst my daily night time skin routine is generally pretty intensive, once a week I’ll use this product with my micro needle roller to really help it sink into my pours and work a little harder.

If I’m using my Alpha H Liquid Gold, I’ll always follow with Sunday Riley’s Luna Sleeping Night Oil 5 minutes after I’ve applied the acid. This stops my skin from drying out and adds an instant hit of nourishment. To use this product, apply a few drops into clean hands, rub together to warm the product and pat onto your skin with the palms of your hands.