Shopping in Santorini

Santorini is one of the most spectacular places on earth. The intensity of her multi coloured volcanic cliffs are peacefully contrasted with the beauty of her white cubist villas, stacked one above the other. With wineries and archaeological treasures, buzzing taverns, fine dining restaurants and boutiques, there’s enough entertainment to see any traveler waltz through a week in Santorini. For those who want to rest, there’s calm beaches, and crystal waters beckoning

Chromate Santorini
Chromate Santorini, Where to Stay in Greece.

Where to Stay

A series of cave houses nestled in the Cliffside with white on white decor parted by cool aztec bed throws. The perfect Cliffside infinity pool has the most incredible views looking across the caldera, ideal for romantic travelers.

Whilst a quinoa salad with beetroot cream, green apple and mint will set you back €19, dinning out anywhere in Santorini isn’t for the light hearted. Chromata boasts an incredible menu that’s just a big of a part of the experience as the views and the cocktails.

Where to stay in Santorini, Chromata 5* Hotel

Day Tripping.

Spend the day at sea. Santorini is a spectacle on departure and arrival. It’s the only way to get her full view of beauty. The waters are perfect for sailing and swimming.

For the professional shoppers, there’s all named designer boutiques and shops to splash out on a beautiful kaftan for a day at the beach. As well as shopping in the white maze of a town, there’s restaurant after restaurant, art galleries, and street markets.

Santorini, what to do

Tip. Visit in early Autumn to avoid the high season crowds & take some Birkenstocks for wondering the streets! 

Featured in The Journal Magazine, September 2016